Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[MEME] One More Meme!

I've gotten this from Pearsall Helms. Things come in threes, don't they?

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451; which book do you want to be?

Since I don't want to be cremated alive, I'll opt to become the regime's core ideological treatise. That should last, shouldn't it?

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

The very idea seems bizarre. Why would I be interested in someone who wasn't real?

What are you currently reading?

Anthony Arthur's Literary Feuds. Hellman versus McCarthy is spectacular, but Lewis versus Dreiser is also worthy of note.

Alexandra Robbins and Abby Wilner's Quarterlife Crisis - The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties. What need I say?

Jon Ronson's Them: Adventures with Extremists. See my next post, really this time.

The last book you bought is:

Anthony Arthur's Literary Feuds. I've got such a backlog of books to read that I'm not going to buy any more for the time being. It isn't as if I have the time to read, either, but still.

The last book you read is:

Jon Ronson's Them. Next post, I promise.

Five books you would take to a desert island:

I notice that I'm not told how long I'll be on the desert island. This is important. Since I'll be concerned with remaining as human as possible, I'll bring along a modern translation of the Bible, my two-volume Norton anthology of English-language literature and my one-volume Norton criticism and theory anthology, and What Color Is My Parachute?. (I'll have to find a job some day.)

Who are you going to pass this stick to, and why?

bonoboboy, Jonathan Edelstein, nire_nagaf, Norman Geras, and rydel23. Each in their own way is an interesting person, and I want to see what they come up with.
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