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I met up with schizmatic for CFTAG. We first had coffee at the Yonge-Wellesley Starbucks, and later adjourned to the shaded patio of Caffè Volo for a couple of beers.

The usual eclectic variety of topics was discussed, from the likely messy ending to a no-Watergate Nixon's second term and the outcome of a Cambodia where the Khmer Rouge hung on for a few more years to the successes and failures of Spanish and French nation-building in each state's portion of the Occitano-Catalan space to the emergence of vernaculars in late 1st millennium Europe. Gay sex demons were raised as a topic of conversation, in connection to the excesses of fundamentalism. (Yes, the God of the Book of Job does only make sense if you believe that all humans are damned and deserve even indiscriminate destruction. This is disappointing.)

One very enjoyable conversation that we had was about the problems with science fiction and the requirements of good fiction in general. I hope to blog on this in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, go read his excellent post on the necessary mutability of mythology.
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