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[BRIEF NOTE] A Paean to this Saturday's The Globe and Mail

I have always been a big fan of The Globe and Mail, back to when I was just emerging from adolescence and looked forward to picking up the latest bulky missive from Toronto at Bookmark. So much news from away!

It's only gotten better since then. In the main section, Michael Valpy examines same-sex marriage in Belgium and the Netherlands while Mark MacKinnon takes a look at Egyptian publishing company AK Comics' new line of superhero comics. In Business, Eric Reguly composes Lord Conrad Black's living will, the Sports section features an article on Jacques Doucet, the only French-language radio voice of Major League Baseball, now unemployed by the southwards move of the Expos. Peter Cheney describes the authentically pathetic help that can be given to the city's mentally ill in the Toronto section, while Lynn Crosbie adroitly links the curious story of Princess Diana's kidney to the cult of celebrity relics in the Weekend Review. The Focus section is fantastic, with articles covering Dubya's planned Mars missions, the remnant German population in Poland in the context of the post-Second World War population exchanges, the difficulties imposed on prospective Canadian parents by new laws banning the sale of semen and ova, growing discontent withy the Mubarak regime among young Egyptians, and the ingenuous recovery of Aristotle's Protrepticus.

My only major issue with yesterday's issue is that Karla Homolka's staring eyes feature on the front page, in all their low-resolution glory. Did we need that, again?
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