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[BRIEF NOTE] Save Rainbow Valley!

I was pleased to find this in the comments to the post that I made last month regarding the closure of the Rainbow Valley amusement park in Cavendish, back on Prince Edward Islad, at the end of this summer.

My name is Jeff Docherty. I have joined forces with campaign spearheader Bart Bourne to create SaveRainbowValley.com We have a full website online now with a link to an online petition to save the park.

Since Thursday, we have gathered over 6,000 signatures from all corners of the globe in favor of keeping Rainbow Valley open. Every signature we get is one more ray of hope that we will win this battle and keep Rainbow Valley Alive!

So far, word of mouth and newsboards and e-mail forwarding have been our only promotion.

Please visit the website and sign the petition if so inclined.


Your support is greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Docherty
Save Rainbow Valley

You've read the gentleman.
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