Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[URBAN NOTE] The Local Climate

Toronto is hot. I hadn't really internalized the temperature differences between PEI and the mainland--experienced the heat of the North American continent, noted just what a cooling effect the ocean had on the Island--until I looked at the temperature map on the back page of the Toronto Star yesterday and saw that, yes, Toronto was as hot as any adjacent major city in the United States. It was 30 degrees Celsius outside yesterday, insanely hot by Island standards. I was surprised at how well I'd managed to adjust to these temperatures, which once would have been enough to leave me prostrate; lifein2x3 and Jonathan Edelstein can attest to this based on my visits to Richmond and New York City back in 2002.

Toronto is smoggy. Prince Edward Island doesn't have significant levels of air pollution, apart from what's blown in from the mainland. It certainly doesn't have visible levels of air pollution. As of yesterday, the 9th of June, six smog alert days had been declared. This is annoying for me, since I now have the same sort of cough that I had last spring. As you might recall, things got so bad that I was even subjected to a CAT scan. (I only wish that I'd managed to acquire at least one image of my innards, since that would have been cool.) Curiously, it cleared up when true summer began. Uncoincidentally, Kingston too has visible levels of air pollution.

Toronto is hot and smoggy. And yet, I sort of like this climate. I just don't want to be one of the eight hundred people who'll die this year because of it.
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