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[BRIEF NOTE] Plus ça change: Recruiting in the US Military

My thanks to lifein2x3 for pointing me in the direction of Susan Paynter's articles for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (1, 2) about the harassment of teenager Axel Cobb by Marine Corps recruiters. Not content with harassing him with phone calls at home and at work, if he, his relatives and friends, and his employer are to be believed the recruiters went to the point of kidnapping him, holding him incommunicado as they tried to meet their quota. Fortunately for Alex, one phone call from a lawyer was enough to set him free.

All that I have to say is that the United States fought the War of 1812 because Britain was doing things like this to its sailors. It's not at all reassuring to discover that the United States' military has progressed to the point of impressing its own citizens.
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