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[BRIEF NOTE] Google News' Downside

It was while I was reading yet another infuriating opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post bordering on Der Stürmer-style racism (it's them there Arabs, and their evil subversion of those decadent Jew-hating Europeans and assorted symps, they're the ones responsible for everything bad) that I realized that Google News has the potential for great evil, or rather, to reveal great evil and so render us all cynical. Just type in the appropriate search terms and you can discover which nationality or language group demonizes which other ethnic group using seemingly legitimate and honest and moderate news sites.

If it's a Muslim site, it's the Jews when it isn't the Crusaders or perhaps the Hindus; if it's a Christian news site, it's the gays; if it's Turkish, it's the Armenians; if it's British, it's the Romani when it isn't the Poles, who in turn are concerned about the Ukrainians and Russians, said latter nationality being quite worried about the Chinese, who in turn inspire the Japanese to untold heights while the South Koreans nurse their hatreds. If it's an American site, then the controversial political rhetoric is produced either by scary nationalists who want to repeat Europe's 20th century mistakes or by idiot protesters who think Michael Moore isn't an idiot. If it's a Canadian site, then it's either insipid and degrading Ameriphilia or the sort of 1970s-style neonationalism that Atwood mocked. And so on.

Isn't the emergent noosphere great? We get to find out what makes us all tick.
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