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[REVIEW] Cherryh's Downbelow Station

I lent my copy of C.J. Cherryh's Downbelow Station to schizmatic today. I wrote about Downbelow Station last January. The only things that I'd add to last year's review is an observation that Cherryh's fictional universe is intensely political, in a good way.

For further reading, see these reviews of Downbelow Station, (1, 2), Cherryh's bibliography, the Meetpoint Station fan site, Cosma Shalizi's insightful note, Sol Station's interactive starmap of her Alliance-Union universe, and her own Wikipedia article.

In case you were wondering, yes, there is a Cherryh-related web quiz, asking test-takers questions to determine what character from Cyteen they'd be. I still come up with Ariane Emory. This is still disturbing.

As one source says,

"Cyteen is the home of Reseune, which produces phenotypes to order. Reseune is the home of Ariane Emory. Ariane Emory is a brilliant geneticist, a genius at producing "tapes", the environment that produces the phenotypes from the genotypes, a consummate politician, an iron-willed director, and a cold hearted cynical bitch. Just as the "tapes" control the "azi", the human product of her laboratories, does she control her underlings. She is admired, feared and loathed by those beneath her."

I can confirm that she does worse things, at least before she gets murdered. Again, please remind me not to be a manipulative sociopath with massive amounts of power at my disposal somebody, eh?

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