Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] A Nascent Protectionism in Taiwan?

Huang Tien-lin's Taipei Times article "Is Taiwan the sick tiger of Asia?" is interesting, not quite so much because it's making the argument that China is gutting domestic industries and harming economic growth but because it's being published by one of the premier English-language newspapers of Taiwan, the country that has arguably seen the greatest benefit from the post-Mao revival of the China trade. Tien-lin compares Taiwan unfavourably to South Korea, which (he argues) has favoured capital-intensive investments in South Korea which accelerate economic growth in that country, whereas Taiwanese firms have favoured labour-intensive investments in mainland China. Thoughts on this argument?

At least one thing is for certain: Support for protectionism isn't only a North Atlantic thing in the 21st century.
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