Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

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[URBAN NOTE] An Evening Stroll

Instead of waiting for a bus that didn't seem to be coming outside the Dufferin TTC station, at the intersection of Bloor West and Dufferin, I decided to walk south on Dufferin as far as College, on the west side opposite Dufferin Grove Park. Dufferin south of Bloor is a different sort of neighbourhood than Queen Street West west of University, pleasingly so, lined (at the north) by the Dufferin Mall and aforementioned park and south by single-family homes built in brick.Even if that stroll hadn't been worth it, there would have been the complaint fo the white-haired bus driver who finally pulled up at Dufferin and College over the phone top his supervisor: "I'm packed to the gills here."
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