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[URBAN NOTE] Homo Night in Canada and After

The aforementioned show went quite well. Not only was it very nice to finally meet of_evangeline after more than two years of Livejournal friends-list status, but the show itself was quite good. Hosted by the B-Girlz, two of the more oustanding performances were Susan Fisher's parodic middle-aged Midwest American woman officeworker and David Tomlinson's desperate efforts to arrange the perfect Pride romance with the help of a selected audience member. It was worth the $C20.

Afterwards, I wandered up and down Church Street. I was pleased to run into schillerium on the northwest corner of Church and Alexander, and we chatted for a bit before I went off on my own. It's been a while since I was there late at night, but truth be told, not much was different apart from the streets blocked off, the lines dozens of metres long of people waiting to get into the bars, the vast milling crowds, and the people coming up to Speaker's Corner north of Church and Wellesley and saying things like "it's okay to be straight, just be proud about who you are."

The whole evening was rather fun, almost surprisingly so. As a single example, I was pleasantly surprised by the B-Girlz' performance, since what drag I've been exposed to has tended to reinforce my initial conception that many of the impulses behind drag are deeply misogynistic. I didn't get that impression at all from the B-Girlz. Perhaps they were simply good at drag; perhaps, too, I was able to relax and not overly categorize it. The whole night went like that, for that matter. I'm pleased.
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