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[NON BLOG] Pride Sunday Overview

Yesterday was rather busy. I met finfan just outside the Yonge-Bloor TTC, and we went for an ejoyable lunch at a nice cheap Middle Eastern restaurant just to the south. We tarried a bit there and had to rush south to meet up with raphinou at the College TTC for the parade.

My impressions? It was my first one, and frankly I wish that I was a bit closer to the action. I did enjoy what I saw, though: the straight men making out with their girlfriends, the different ethnic and NGO floats, the throwing of free merchandise.

I split at a quarter to five to meet up with landsmand. Later that evening, I went to Young Thailand (81 Church Street) for an eminently enjoyable dinner with raphinou, bonoboboy, and vorpal. (vorpal, incidentally, is the fourth LJ-friend I'd met this weekend.)

For comparison, read raphinou's impressions here, and check out the last two photos here.
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