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[BRIEF NOTE] Canada Day

I'm enjoying Canada Day. I trod through Dundas' Portuguese district on foot, ended up taking an easytbound streetcar that was halted short of Spadina by a parade, looked at bootleg DVDs for sale in the lobby of Dragon City Shopping Mall, picked up a copy of The Epoch Times from a woman manning a protest booth advertising the Nine Commentaries, got some bubble tea, wandered for a bit on Bloor, and plan to end up on some patio with cheap beer. Life is good.

My thoughts on Canada Day? I'm proud to be Canadian, on this the 138th anniversary of the pasage of the British North America Act into law by the British Parliament and the creation of the Dominion of Canada. Canada has its issues, certainly, but on the whole they're minor issues, problems which can be resolved by living up to our existing ideals rather than by junking our past for something better. May we continue to prosper, in properly self-critical fashion.
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