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[URBAN NOTE] The Village Rainbow

I blogged yesterday about wanting to enjoy cheap beers on a patio. I wanted to move out of my comfort zone, away from the patios that I'm grown accustomed to visiting towards someplace new. I gravitated east towards Church Street, and settled on the Village Rainbow (477 Church Street). I'd eaten there once last summer, and though I was concentrating more on the company than on the food at the time I remembered enjoying it. Surely I'd do so this time, too?

I seated myself on their patio, where I enjoyed first one, then two bottles of Upper Canada Dark Ale. I lack both the experience and the vocabulary needed to describe just why I liked it, though I do feel confident in saying that these have a nicely bitter taste to them. The food that accompanied it--pork souvlaki in a pita, French fries, and a Greek salad--wasn't anywhere near the same range. The souvlaki was a bit overcooked, I fear, and the fries were indifferent at best. Worst of all was the Greek salad, which was barely more than a great wet clump of feta cheese on lettuce with some olives underneath. The indifferent service wasn't a credit to the Village Rainbow, either.

I left the Village Rainbow dissatisfied, reminded of what the great American sociologists discovered in their mid-century analyses of the political economies of urban ghettoes: You can do anything to captive markets.
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