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[NON BLOG] There Is No Cabal

I feel it incumbent upon me to state that there is no cabal, of SHWIers, that is. Why would there ever be one in Canada? Previous gatherings of the Cabal have taken place outside Canada's frontiers--or rather, are rumoured to have taken place.

The very idea that I might have met up with Jonathan Edelstein, his lovely wife Naomi, and their friend from Buffalo at the Kipling TTC station at 3:30, and then proceeded to enjoy a whirlwind tour through the city including a highly enjoyable cruise of Toronto harbour, a promenade on Dundas west from University to Spadina, and a very nice Vietnamese dinner before they had to return to the United States is ridiculous. Certainly, if I in fact knew these people, I likely would have enjoyed their company immensely. But how could I?

There certainly wasn't any enjoyable discussions on matters uchronical with Jonathan like a different outcome to the Allende regime or a Spanish-style modernization of Yugoslavia, or any mildly funny miscommunications like me expecting to meet the party at the north entrance to the Kipling TTC instead of the south, or any professed desire to meet again and not have another three-year gap. How could there be any of this? There is no cabal, after all.
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