Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BRIEF NOTE] What Really Bugs Me About (Some) Americans

Certain elements in the attitude of certain Americans towards Canada annoy me. None annoy me more than the belief that Canada is an artificial nation and that Canadians--or at least English Canadians--are Americans, and should be Americans. I've read this argument most recently at the United North America website, a site that tries to make a case for the annexation of Canada into the United States.

The site's author makes a slighting remark in the FAQ about Prince Edward Island, true.

12. What would happen to Prince Edward Island?

At a measly 2,180 square miles and a meager 139,900 in population, Prince Edward Island (PEI) would likely never be accepted as a full State in a United North America. Arguably, this tiny plot of land should not even be a Province in Canada. PEI while significantly over-represented within the Canadian Parliament would be outrageously over-represented in Congress with two Senators and one House Representative. Therefore, a more reasonable proposal would be to incorporate the island with Nova Scotia and/or New Brunswick. Of course nothing is beyond negotiation.

This is part and parcel of a line of argument to the effect that the origins of English Canada in American settlers and the ongoing vagueness of Canadian national identity means that Canadians are really Americans under a foreign flag and should just admit it. Please tell me why this belief is different in kind from the beliefs of some Serbian nationalists in the early 1990s that Bosnian Muslims and Shtokavian-speaking Croats were Serbs, regardless of what the people concerned say. While you're doing that, let me know how that sort of mindset isn't going to lead you to be angry at those people who deny their obvious membership in your group. This sort of thing leads to Srebrenica.

UPDATE (9:14 PM) : Unintended generalizations cleared up.
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