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[NON BLOG] Professional Incompetence

In August of 2003, before I left the Island, I conscientiously made my final visit to the office of my dentist Jim Murphy, to make sure that everything was all right with my teeth. One tooth in particular concerned me, since it was sensitive to heat and cold. He took a look, he took X-rays, he told me that it was something that he couldn't trace and that I should worry too much about it.

Not an hour ago, I was told by a doctor here in Toronto that I need a root canal and assorted other associated treatments. In all, I'll have to spend more than a thousand dollars. The dentist in Toronto was surprised: The rest of my teeth were in fine shape, proof I was conscientious, and the cavity should have been visible two years ago.

It would appear that the accidental death of Jim Murphy was not such a big blow to the Island's dentist community after all. A malpractice suit against his estate would seem to be in order, wouldn't you say?
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