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[MUSIC] The Lover Speaks

The Lover Speaks is a British group from the 1980s best known for penning "No More I Love Yous," later covered to great commercial acclaim by Annie Lennox in 1995. This is a shame, since this sadly obscure group released an excellent album but was subsequently neglected.

During the early 80s he worked with pop producer Phil Wainman, releasing a solo single entitled Stop in the name of love. He went on to publish a local history of Muswell Hill and also penned a book of erotic poetry, Voices of Passion. In 1985 he formed The Lover Speaks with ex-Flys bass player Joseph (Joe) Hughes. They recorded a demo tape which they sent off to Dave Stewart, who then sent it to Chryssie Hynde and finally to 80s super-producer Jimmy Iovine. The duo were signed to Dave Stewart's Anxious Music Publishing that year, and to A&M Records, Los Angeles in 1986.

With producer Jimmy Iovine they recorded the self-titled debut
The lover speaks, which contains the original version of No more "I love you's". After touring with The Eurythmics they returned to Los Angeles to record the follow-up album, The big lie, again with Iovine, assisted in parts by Daniel Lanois and Dave Stewart. The Lover Speaks split in 1988. The big lie was never commercially released.

This interview with David Freeman goes into more sad detail. Their album is unavailable and doesn't seem likely to be released. I was only able to get it by downloading them several years ago. To my sensibility, the songs are occasionally a bit too sweet and over the top. This is more than compensated by their lyrical passion, and by their complex musicality. "Every Lover's Sign," "No More 'I Love You''s," "Tremble Dancing," and "'This Can't Go On!'" are particular standouts. It's a shame that more people won't hear them.
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