Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[MEME] Idiosyncrasy meme

Tagged by jhubert.

n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioural characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

* * *

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncrasies. Then, if you wish, tag five people from your friends list to do the same in their journals.

1. I have dozens of low-level allergies. When I went in to the allergist's office in Charlottetown several years ago, to get my back scratched and potential allergens injected, I didn't expect my entire back to break out in hives. Despite this, I haven't found them to actually hinder me in my regular life--my eyes itch interestingly when I ingest red peppers on pizzas, but that's harmless and actually somewhat fun. (Google "insanity peppers.")

2. I hate driving cars. I never got my license on the Island, partly because of insurance issues, mainly because I just wasn't interested and couldn't handle the stresses. I've no plans to change this. Why should I? I live in Toronto now, and I own a Metropass.

3. I traditionally function on autopilot. I somehow managed to spend the ten years after I became an adolescent entirely oblivious to petty things like long-term goals beyond education, my sexual orientation, et cetera. This has changed, somewhat. I think that I like being confident about my ability to pass a Turing test.

4. I procrastinate terribly. I fear making commitments since I'm afraid I won't live up to them. This is a self-defeating loop.

5. I am quite disconnected from GLBT culture. I have no idea what's au courant, whether you're talking about clubs, literature, music, or coming out. I've no idea about any of these things apart from my own meager personal experience. If you find someone who can fill me in, please direct me to them.

I'll nominate bonoboboy, larkvi, nire_nagaf, quillon and sushi_bard to take up the meme. No obligation, of course.
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