Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] American Christian Fiction

In The Guardian, Douglas Kennedy explores the booming field of American Chrisitan fiction. He comes across as surprised by the efflorescence of Christian literature, though that might be because he's writing for a British audience.

Start nosing around the burgeoning world of Christian fiction, and you begin to bump into other manifold curiosities - such as the discovery that "faith-based" writers (as they often like to be called) are now working in such hitherto non-evangelical genres as the detective story, science fiction, graphic novels and even the western. A major publishing house such as Time Warner Books now has its very own religious imprint - Warner Faith - and its own "Faith Building Fiction" list, with Christian chick lit authors such as Lisa Samson, whose new novel, Songbird, is trumpeted on their website as a hot title this season ("One woman's search for forgiveness and peace leads her down the path of pain and despair, only to find hope via God's grace").
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