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[NON BLOG] Three Things Today

  • CFTAG proceeded swimmingly, with an early adjournment from the Yonge-Wellesley Starbucks to Natural Sushi up the street. I can confirm that bento lunches, pork cutlet udon, and sushi are all good, and that chopsticks are fun. A variety of topics were discussed including the vissicitudes of blogging and graduate school, the lack of a motivation for interstellar travel, the problems of O'Neill-style Lagrange habitats, the issues surrounding artificial intelligence, and the fact that orbiting microwave-based pain cannons are emplaced in science fiction are the tools of oppressive conquering regimes and what do you do when the United States government does this?

  • After we went our separate ways at three o'clock, I headed down to Church/Wellesley. I bought a bottle of Sleeman ale at Woody's from the only female bartender I ever saw working there, and drank it by the window among the much older men who were drinking that early in the afternoon. Then up the street to This Ain't The Rosedale Library, where I ended up acquiring the Penguin paperback of Nadine Gordimer's 1979 Burger's Daughter and Robert Glück's 1994 Margery Kempe. I'm a convinced Gordimer fanboy, I admit. As for Glück, I am familiar enough with Margery Kempe and I have seen enough parenthetical references to his novel to be curious. Alas, I have the last copy there.

  • Thence to dinner with vaneramos and djjo, too briefly trapezzi, and dakoopst in from Atlanta. Dinner was excellent as usual, and followed by a showing of La Cage aux Folles.

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