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[NON BLOG] More on the 22nd Century

Century 22 PBEM continues interestingly. Turkey's takeover by a self-guiding artificial intelligence ended in the context of a medium-sized war, with Arabia defending itself against a threatened Turkish invasion while Russia pointlessly fought a massive air war over the Black Sea and Anatolia against Turkey. In the end, the Turkish military staged a coup and overthrew the AI. One brief flirtation with the idea of a renewed imperialism in the Ottoman mold later, and there was a popular revolution that tossed out that regime. All's well on Earth for the time being.

The momentary stabilization of Earth's cutthroat geopolitics happened to coincide with the discovery of alien artifacts in the Pi 3 Orionis planetary system by the Japanese. A mining camp was set up on an airless world, extracting common metals for an unknown purpose. Little is known of the aliens since they took care to destroy almost every trace of their civilization that could be found. Disturbingly, the aliens were active in the Pi 3 Orionis planetary system possible as recently as fifty years before the game's present (late 2120s). The question of how to manage first contact is pressing, not least because there is the very real chance that if a single Terran state or alliance manages to discover the aliens they could try to enlist them as allies against their human enemies. So far, the discussions are bogging down in the traditional mutual national hatreds. This is not good.
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