Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[B5] Regimes of the Future

I suspect that my Babylon 5 group viewing sessions--kindly hosted by acrabtree, featuring finfin, larkvi and schizmatic tonight--have generated a new LJ heading. We caught three episodes tonight, "Born to the Purple," "Infection," and "The Parliament of Dreams" (spoilers). "Infection" is a Very Special Message episode and eminently mockable; the other episodes, like the rest of Season One, are generally serviceable if not up to the standard of later episodes.

One thing that I like about the Babylon 5 universe, apart from the realistic political economy of interstellar colonization, is the diversity of interstellar regimes. The Narn Regime appears to be an authoritarian polity with some measure of politicking and public discussion that makes it vaguely akin to Yugoslavia; the Centauri Republic is your classic house- and class-ridden dynastic empire; the Earth Alliance, well, let's not give out spoilers. The Minbari don't correspond to any Earthly category than I know of, being rather more competent than pre-1959 Tibet, while the Vorlon Empire just is beyond us.
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