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[BRIEF NOTE] For debate

Sighted on my friends list:

It's been said to me time and time again that Toronto gay men are stuck-up, cliquey, and very anti-social. As a frequent patron of Toronto’s most popular gay bars (Ie: Woody's, fly, tangos, 5ive), I full-heartedly agree. Not only is it bad, it’s ugly! It appears many gay men thrive on childish name-calling and shallow remarks about ‘beauty,’ for ‘who isn’t beautiful, isn’t worth approaching.’ There's also a growing fear and arrogance towards male femininity, gay guys who only want 'straight-acting' friends and boyfriends. I must say, my fabulous, tight, pink-stripped tank-top has found a more acceptable residence tucked in the back of my dresser. *sigh*

Toronto's gay men have been coined as the most unapproachable queer species around, as was recently expressed by a pair of tourists who recently visited the so-called "homofriendly" city. They were shocked by how stuck-up and rude many of Toronto's gay men were.

Toronto's current gay village, a queer community that was once overwhelmingly laden with united love and support, has taken a different course. Why are some gay men out to destroy each another? With the current success of gay marriage, a right some queers feel to be the final gunshot of this 'war of queer rights,' has 'comfortable queer living' given gay men enough confidence to claim shallow superiority over others in their community? Maybe they're forgetting they live in a metro-centric queer bubble and that the 'outside world' is still less accepting of queers. Perhaps it's an age factor. Today's under-30 crowd didn't have to fight for the same rights as today's 40-60 year-old crowds. As some queer veterans say - kidz today don't know how well they've got it!

Resolved: That there isn't such a thing as a GLBT community, that there is not such a thing now, and that there never will be. What is called a community, a collection of people united by shared interests and goals, is actually an aggregate, united by the incidental fact of being non-heterosexual (or, at a stretch, non-traditionally heterosexual) and sharing little beyond this. The aggregate contains communities, but it isn't one and never will be one.
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