Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[NON BLOG] Photography

I was at University College yesterday evening with bitterlawngnome, posing for some pictures. I've always envied bitterlawngnome for his skills with photography, and interested in posing for him. Anyone who has seen my Prince Edward Island ID photo will be surprised to learn that I enjoyed the phototaking session.

In my final year at UPEI, I did some research for a professor, looking for critical works which explored the intersection of photography and fiction. At first, the technology and the products of photography seems to have been used in fiction as a way of accurate reproduction and preservation, of creating inarguably correct and truthful documents in a world populated by beings capable of lying. Only later did photography's role as a neutral come under question, with concerns about how the scenes captured by the photographer could be prearranged, how images taken in isolation could be misleading, how, in short, there was no guarantee that the photograph was in fact a neutral technology.

One thing that I noticed towards the end of the shoot was how, as bitterlawngnome prepared for each shoot, my heart began to pound more quickly and my breathing became heavier. I wasn't expecting that.
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