Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] Have Women Won the War of the Sexes in Australasia?

Antipodean correspondent Errol Cavit reports that women are starting to outnumber men in the Antipodes. Sue Allen writes for Staff.co.nz.

If you're a 32-year-old woman finding it hard to meet a mate, it seems there is a good reason.

It's not your dress sense, the sparkle of your after-dinner talk or size of your rump but the New Zealand "man drought", according to this year's KPMG population report.

Since 1991, the shortfall of New Zealand men in their 30s compared to women has ballooned from 7600 to 23,000 last year.

That means a 32-year old Kiwi woman now has as much chance of finding a male partner of the same age as an 82-year-old woman, said KPMG partner Bernard Salt.

[. . .]

With "mother nature" keeping birth rates equal, Mr Salt believed the main man drain was the Kiwi OE which sucked young men overseas where they fell in love and stayed.

"New Zealand girls might go backpacking and have a fling, but they haven't done anything as silly as getting married, and they come back."

The fun would start, he said, when society got used to the imbalance and women starting taking time-shares on men.

Writing for the New Zealand Herald, Greg Ansley reports that Australia is beginning to face the same problem.

It will also get worse as larger, richer, skill-hungry countries in the Northern Hemisphere target bright young men trained and educated at the expense of New Zealand and Australian taxpayers.

In a new study of transtasman populations, Mr Salt, a partner in KPMG's risk advisory services practice and one of Australia's best-known demographers, warns of a growing "man drought".

In 1991 there were 8000 more 30-something women than men in New Zealand. By last year this had soared to a surplus of 24,000 women.

"If you are a 34-year-old heterosexual woman in New Zealand you have as much chance of finding a male partner your own age as does an 85-year-old woman," Salt said. "This aligns precisely with what's happening in Australia.

"New Zealand is like a miners' canary for Australia - it's further down this track because it's a smaller, more volatile economy that has evolved this culture of overseas experience."

In Australia, the gender imbalance has swung from a surplus of 54,000 30-something men in 1976 to a deficit of 20,000 last year.

Mr Salt said that in New Zealand this imbalance had led to a highly matriarchal society marked by a female Prime Minister, Governor-General, Chief Justice and several other high-profile positions.

"Not that there's a problem with that - it's just an observation that this is different to a community where the gender balance is more closely aligned ... "Bridget Jones and Sex and the City must have been absolute hits in New Zealand."
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