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[B5] More Season One

Last night, I caught the first-season episodes "Mind War", "The War Prayer", "And the Sky Full of Stars", and "Deathwalker" chez acrabtree. These episodes were, as schizmatic enthusiastically noted, exponentially better than "The Gathering" or even the latter "Infection." ("Ikarra!")

So far, the watching of Babylon 5 has involved extensive audience feedback, mostly mocking yet friendly criticism. Ivanova's taste in men, for instance, came under justified fire in "The War Prayer," for instance. (Poor Ivanova and relationships.) When, as her ex-boyfriend began his fascist schpiel, I asked "Is the Earth Alliance the Weimar Germany of the 23rd century?" we were amused to discover that, yes, it was (Earth at the centre of the galaxy, Earth purged of alien influence, Earth brought back to its human roots).

When I saw the episodes broadcast as reruns on Space, I just enjoyed them. Now that I'm watching them again, I'm interested to watch the unfolding of JMS' master plan. An Earth Alliance apparently dominated by secretive telepathic secret police, eagerly tracking down dangerous alien technologies and importing war criminals to make humans immortal, is a rather shady polity. I like this: It's so anti-Federation.

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