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[MEME] "You drift into the strangest dreams/Of youthful follies and changing teams"

Francis Strand asks: "When did you first know?"

11:55 PM, on the 4th of February, 2002. I was stuck writing my Honours English thesis, and bored, I was browsing the soc.history.what-if archives. I came across one posting by lifein2x3 wherein he mentioned that it would be nice to have a boyfriend. I agreed, and then paged down the thread for another half-minute before I realized what I had just thought.

"Oh, I'm bi."

And then, ten seconds later:

"Oh. I'm bi."

And then, ten seconds later:

"Oh, no. I'm bi."

Before that point, there wasn't any conscious repression. If you asked me--and one person did ask me--I would have said no, and wondered at your motivations for asking. After I came to this belated conclusion, things made much more sense.

Anyone who wants to can take up this meme. I'd like to propose, for those who are so interested, an interesting tweak: When did you first realize that you were straight?
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