Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald


  • I began the day by going to the gym, to do some sit-ups and 45 minutes on the exercise bike, so I could wake up and hopefully lose some more weight. I think that I really like working out, and I want to make it part of a routine. It's fun. Too, I think I'm particularly attracted to intelligent academic-minded ectomorphs (of both genders). Though I'd like to think I'm intelligent and academic-minded, I'm skeptical that I'm attractive, and certain I'm not an endomorph. Hence, exercise, to feel less hypocritical. Regardless, it was a good exercise, and a good way to study.

  • The HIST 391 exam was draining. To start with, Dr. Walker wasn't actually on PEI at the time; she was in Toronto and she had another instructor stand in for her, though apparently no one knew this since the Dean of Arts (and History Professor) Richard Kurial got involved. Dr. Walker's substitute arrived 15 minutes late, too. Next to this, the exam was fairly easy, although quite long at two and a half hours. When I was finished, I felt tired and vaguely shaky.

  • The English Society party, at 42nd Street at 8:30 this coming Thursday, sounds like it'll be fun. To be sure, I'll be working the next morning at 8:30, but still.

  • I bought my ticket for the premiere of The Two Towers on the 18th. I'm quite looking forward to it.

  • I'll be playing a game of colonial diplomacy. The map is at http://staff.onlinesupport.ca/lmacrae, and I'm Japan. Recommendations as to my first move?

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